Works In Progress Everywhere, But Not a Thing To Knit.

Hello, I’m back. How’s it going? Haven’t been here since April. But I have been knitting a lot, and that’s always good.  I’ve got a couple finished objects, and many, many, works in progress. But the problem is, I’m bored with all of them, and there aren’t any I really want to knit. Oh well.  Let’s cover finished objects first:

The biggest one so far is probably my mom’s sweater, The Dahlia Cardigan by Heather Zopetti. I worked this in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud lace weight, held double on sixe 5 needles.

Of course I finished this big alpaca sweater in the middle of May. We’ll have to wait for Fall for a picture of it on her.

The next finished object is The Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnen, knit using size 5 needles out of hand-dyed merino and silk by AlohaBlu on Etsy. I love this shawl.

Those are my finished objects, and now for the works in progress. Trust me, there are a lot of them. The one I’m most enraptured with is a design project out of theis gorgeous hand-dyed Sparkle Sock Yarn from Bashful Bags and Fibers on size 6 needles. It’s squishy, it’s purple and it’s sparkly. What’s not to love?

The next WiP, which, I’ll admit, has been languishing is the Adventure Seeker Mystery KAL, which is now over. I was too laccadazical with this project, and now I have a lot of catching up to do. It’s knit out of Knit Picks Shimmer on size five needles.

Next is The Print O’ The Wave Stole by Eunny Jang, knit out of Black Cherry lace yarn from Highland Handmades. I don’t have any pictures of the actuall shawl yet, but here is a pic of the yarn:

 These aren’t all of my works in progress, just the ones I have pictures of.

Unveiling: Friendship In Flames


While yes, this is April, not March and this is only one pattern, not two, I’m very proud of this. My latest pattern is called Friendship In Flames, named for a beautiful poem written by my mother. This is a fingerless mitts pattern using fingering weight yarn and involving twisted stitches. It’s available for $1.99 in my ravelry shop. I worked very hard all last month knitting, designing and formatting. I would love if you would go over and take a look at it, and if you like it, please download!

Unveiling : Itsy bitsy Mushrooms

Remember my resolution to complete a pattern each month? Well I’m proud to present January’s pattern: Itsy Bitsy Mushrooms. This is a simple crochet pattern that is great for using up scraps of yarn, and the size can vary depending on the weight of yarn you use. Fingering weight will make a truly itsy bitsy toy, or use bulky yarn for a bigger result. Also good for a whimsical last-minute gift, since one can be made in under an hour. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Mom

Yes, I haven’t been sticking to my daily blogging schedule, but I knew that this would happen. I’ll try and post as frequently as I can, but no promises.

But today is a very special day because today is my mom’s birthday. And I finished one of my many Unfinished Objects (UFO in knittish.) After spending a lovely day with my mom rubbber-stamping and baking and getting last-minute gifts, we all got to enjoy the cake and I gave her the Bulky Mittens from that have been featured in two posts. Yay! They’re done! And I would say it was a pretty good day.

Happy Birthday mom, I love you.

Slipped Stitches. And Legolas love.

Sorry, I know it’s been two days since my last blog post. But, between you and me, most of my blogging time has been spent indulging my obssesion for Legolas. You know. Legolas? Only the coolest character in Lord of the Rings. (I cannot be the only one that thinks this.)

But, on a slightly less nerdy note, I have been knitting during these sessions of Legolas (And Aragorn) watching. I made a lot of progress on the Top-Down, Slipped-Stiched-Yoke Cardigan for my baby sister. The sweater was designed as a stash-buster for all of my cotton scraps, and it’s working out even better than I had expected. Otherwise, not much knitting progress has been made. Maybe some Will Turner and Jack Sparrow can help me out of this knitting rut…….


Eight projects in active progress. Eight projects. Needless to say, I’ve been in a bit of a knitting slump.  All of these projects, and I don’t feel like working on any of them. I swear, this feels like Christmas knitting. Just let me share with you the objects(s) of my frustration:

1. The Dahlia Cardigan. For my mom, which has been lingering.

2. The Hilarie Vest. For me, but it’s really boring.

3. Summer cardigan. For my baby sister Stella, but it’s boring. (Stockinette!)

4. The Atelier gloves. I’m not sure who these are for yet, but I know that they’ve been sitting around forever.

5. The Echo Flowers shawl. Love this shawl, but it’s taking so long!

6. Sock scrap blanket. A charity blanket that will never end.

7.  The bulky cabled mittens I wrote about previously.

8. Just a simple pair of socks that are coming along slowly.

So to curb this knitting stress without casting on another project, I went back to my ever-satisfying owl obsession. And my felting needles. I haven’t thought of a name for these little guys yet, but I’m working on it. Needle felting is great for those with a pressing need for instant satisfaction.


Armed with a shirt to return, a gift card and a sound consitution, I boldly made my way into Kohl’s this afternoon. Of course I found a few good t-shirts and such, but the highlight of my shopping expidition was an adorable striped sweater/tank set.  I hadn’t even had on before I started thinking of ideas of how to wear it.  You can wear it simply open, tied in front, pinned to make an empire top or tied in the back to be a shrug. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found the link to this awsome sweater, but I’ll let you know if I do.

The Ruffing Heard ‘Round the World

My older brother Luke, the biggest Tebow fan.

If you were fortunate enough to be at least 100 miles away from my house, the rambunctious jumping, screaming and yelling that reigned in said house may have come to your ears as only a whisper. Not for me. And probably not for every home in the state of Colorado. I don’t watch football, but from the craziness and noise I was able to interpret the words: “Touchdown!” “Down goes Big Ben!” “On the first play!” To quote Monty Python, “And there was much rejoicing.” —followed by a long Session of Tebowing. Make of this what you will.